"Before meeting with Elizabeth, I had too many ideas about my life and future which was overwhelming to unpack. However, after our first meeting, I had a better understanding of what was and was not important to me. This helped me prioritize how to kick off every morning right and start my journey for living my best life."

"Thinking about my values and deciding on what was most important was strangely liberating! Looking at my list, I can now see why my current position would make me miserable. While great on paper, my position is completely misaligned with my values.

What an epiphany!"

"I recommend Elizabeth with my whole heart! I reached out to her because I felt stuck and unhappy in my current career but didn't know what I wanted to do instead. I gave her the incredibly difficult task to find out what I want and what would make me happy. This was something I personally wasn't able to figure out for the past 5 years. Elizabeth has taken the time to understand me, where I'm coming from, why I'm stuck and scared to move on. She helped me find career options which are suitable given my personality and interests. I can't possibly thank her enough!


Elizabeth's methodology started with getting to know me with personality, skill, and aptitude tests which were extremely helpful. I have previously been familiar with similar tests but was never able to translate them into career paths. I was stuck knowing what I'm good at but being in a position where I wouldn't use any of my skills. Elizabeth helped me find career choices which would suit my skills, personality, and provide the work environment I was looking for. Throughout the process, I had uncountable A-ha moments and she was able to make a connection that I hadn't been able to make my entire life! The last aspect of the program was to create a plan that I could follow after the program ended so that I wouldn't lose sight of my new goals. Elizabeth still follows up with me regularly to see what progress I have made on my plan and to hold me accountable which is incredibly valuable.


In addition to her skillful coaching, Elizabeth is a great listener and is willing to provide advice whenever needed, even between our weekly coaching sessions. Her workbook, which captures every results, note, and idea, is extremely helpful, especially after finishing the program. I use it regularly to remind myself of my skills, values, and what I truly want.


I highly recommend Elizabeth and her program to anyone who needs help find what they want, who is stuck, or who doesn't know how to accomplish what they want in life. Looking at the big unknown by myself scared me but Elizabeth was able to break it down step by step and helped me figure it out all the way."

"Working with Elizabeth helped open my eyes my eyes to my real strengths and my blind spots about where I need to develop personally and professionally. Elizabeth is incredibly easy to connect with and quickly understood where I needed coaching and how she could add value."

"Elizabeth helped me grow to see myself as someone whose skills and instincts I trust, and whose character and values I admire. By listening to the stories I told, prodding for the truth, tracking the themes, and quantifying my talents and loves, the revelations her process unfolded ranged from validating, to re-calibrating, to liberating. When I met her, I was trying to conform. But she helped me see that who I actually am and what I have to offer are far superior to who I was trying to be. She helped me meet myself and delight in releasing my value into every sphere of life."