This 3-month journey of self-discovery is comprised of 3 building blocks.

   1. Clarify Who You Are

  • Dig deep into where you are now, where you have been, and where you are going

  • Utilize tools and assessment tests to better understand your interests, values, personality, ideal work environment, strengths and natural aptitudes

  • Conclude with 1-page summary of your life purpose and what makes you, YOU!

   2. Clarify Your Dream Job

  • Build your career database based on your first building block

  • Create your ideal job scorecard

  • Score your top career paths

   3. Clarify Your Plan:

   Construct your golden circle

  • What do you want to do next?​

  • How will you achieve this?

  • Why do you want to go down this path?

We will document your journey in a workbook that is your personalized career guide. I am here to assist you throughout the coaching engagement and between sessions.